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Tras Ayudar a Más de 30,000 Hogares, el Departamento de Asuntos Locales (DOLA) Anuncia Nuevas Fases del Programa De Emergencia Para Ayuda De Renta en Colorado

Durante los últimos 15 meses, el Estado de Colorado ha proporcionado ayuda de emergencia para la renta a más de 30,000 hogares. El programa fue creado para mitigar el impacto económico de la pandemia del Covid-19, pues muchos coloradenses perdieron sus empleos, o fueron obligados a pausar sus trabajos temporalmente.

After Serving More Than 30,000 Households, Department of Local Affairs Announces New Phases of the State’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program

For the past 15 months, the State of Colorado has provided emergency rental assistance to more than 30,000 households. The goal of the program was to mitigate the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on people who were at an increased risk of losing their housing due to challenges with paying rent, as many people found their jobs eliminated or paused.

Colorado Department of Local Affairs Awards More Than $18M In First Round of the Affordable Housing Development Incentives Grant Program

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), through the Division of Local Government (DLG), recently awarded more than $18M in funding across 13 counties in Colorado. These 14 Innovative Housing Opportunities Incentive (IHOI) grants will provide 1,872 additional housing units, providing housing for approximately 4,867 people.

Colorado’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program Has Processed Over 90,000 Applications For Households Across the State

“Keeping Coloradans housed is one of the ultimate goals of the Department of Local Affairs. The Emergency Rental Assistance program has been a direct, fundamental benefit to Colorado families by enabling them to afford stable housing. We recognize that the inability to afford housing is a key contributor to the increase in homelessness in today's society, which is why programs like these remain crucial,” said Rick Garcia, Executive Director.

COVID-19’s Impact on Births and Deaths Results in a Record Number of Counties Experiencing Natural Decrease

The U.S. Census Bureau released their county-level vintage 2021 population estimates, and they report that more than 73% (2,297) of U.S. counties experienced natural decrease in 2021 - up from 45.5% in 2019 and 55.5% in 2020. In Colorado, 35 of the 64 counties (55%) experienced natural decrease. Natural decrease occurs when there are more deaths than births in a population over a given period. Aging in the U.S. and Colorado, as well as increased mortality due to COVID and fewer births, contributed to this rise in natural decrease.

New Statistics About Colorado’s Communities were Released March 17th from the American Community Survey 2016-2020

Media Contact: Chynna Cowart | 303-656-7464

On March 17th, the Census Bureau released the 2016-2020 American Community Survey. This dataset contains population characteristics for smaller geographies up to state levels. An analysis of this data reveals new information about the impact of the pandemic on housing, income, employment, etc., and the impact of the pandemic on the data collection itself which was challenging due to many disruptions and higher levels of non-response. 

Brush!, Lake City and Steamboat Springs selected for National Main Street demonstration pilot

Denise Stepto, 303-241-8364 c.

Denver, CO – Wednesday, November 18,  2015 – The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) today announced that the National Main Street Center, Inc. has selected three Colorado Main Street towns as demonstration sites to implement its revamped approach to comprehensive community revitalization and preservation-based economic development. The communities are: Brush!, Lake City, and Steamboat Springs.