Press Release

The Department of Local Affairs Allocates Over $4.7M Into Economic Development Initiatives Across 26 Communities in Colorado

Since the passage of the statute, and the first stimulus supported grant cycle being awarded in October 2021, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) has directly allocated $4,733,626 into supporting the economic development of existing communities across the state of Colorado. With 26 rural community-driven projects, these program dollars have demonstrated enhanced local economic impact through the positive outcomes in Colorado towns/cities and for their residents.

The Department of Local Affairs Will Hold a Public Hearing for the Marshall Fire and Straight Line Winds Event’s Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery

Following the devastating Marshall Fire and Straight Winds Event on December 30, 2021, the State of Colorado received an initial congressional allocation of Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs will be holding a Public Hearing to provide an overview of the Action Plan and to give the public opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.