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COVID-19 Information

Currently the entrance to our office building is locked and without public access.  If you need to visit the BAA in person, please contact us at 303.864.7710 or  If we are unable to assist you electronically or by phone, we will arrange for an in-person appointment.

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Welcome to the BAA’s Case Management System for the Colorado Board of Assessment Appeals (the "BAA").  Please carefully review the information below.  By using the BAA’s Case Management System, you are agreeing with these terms and conditions. 

Browser Information:  Testing for this application was primarily conducted using a Mozilla Firefox internet browser. As a result, users may find that this application works best when using a Mozilla Firefox internet browser. This application may also work with Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome. This application does not work with Internet Explorer 8 and earlier. You can view the policy on supported browsers here.

This website provides you access to the Board’s case management system and allows you to file a petition for appeal to the BAA, payment of the appropriate filing fee, if any, and the subsequent filing of any case related documents. This case management system is the system of record for all of the BAA’s cases and should be used to file any type of BAA appeal.  Cases and subsequent documents filed within the system are served on the opposing party electronically.  In addition, all Board orders and decisions are issued through this system.  It is important that you monitor the email provided when you set up your account access as it is your responsibility to meet any deadlines for responding to motions filed by the opposing party or orders issued by the BAA.  

Petitioners are solely responsible for the accurate and timely filing of their appeals with the BAA. Once you file a petition within this system, you will receive an automated receipt by email showing that your appeal was received. If you do not receive this automated receipt, please call our office prior to the deadline for filing the appeal in order to ensure that we received your appeal. 

You are strongly encouraged to read the Rules of the Board of Assessment Appeals and access the User Guides available here, prior to using the system/filing a petition. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a disability and cannot access certain areas of this system, please contact the Board of Assessment Appeals at 303-864-7710 for further help. 

If you have any questions about the case management system, please call 303-864-7710 or email the BAA at

Livestreamed Hearings:  Hearings held in person and by video conference may be live streamed. In such cases, please visit the BAA YouTube Channel. Due to current COVID 19 precautions all Board hearings are being held via Zoom. 

Board Meetings:  The Board meets on a monthly basis.  To view the upcoming meeting dates click here.


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