Staff and Contact Information


For media inquiries connect with the Department of Local Affairs Newsroom. The Department of Local Affairs accepts Colorado Open Record Request (CORA) requests.

1313 Sherman Street
Suite 521
Denver, CO 80203

Email: dola_web@state.co.us

Phone: 303-864-7720



Maria De Cambra, Executive Director, Department of Local Affairs

Dionne Stroter, Deputy Executive Director, Department of Local Affairs

Leila Al-Hamoodah, Chief Strategy Officer

Casie Stokes, Board Administrator, Board of Assessment Appeals

Alison George, Director, Division of Housing

Eric Bergman, Director, Division of Local Government

JoAnn Groff, Tax Administrator, Division of Property Taxation

Business Operations

Jessi Groth, Executive Assistant

Bruce Eisenhauer, Legislative Liaison

Scott Olene, Budget Director

Brenda Valerio, Human Resources Director

Chynna Cowart, Press Secretary



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