Executive Director's Office


The Executive Director's Office oversees the primary interface between the State and local communities by supporting and coordinating the Divisions within the Department. The office also provides several key "back office" roles, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort within the Divisions.


Executive Office Functions

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs' Executive Director's Office provides leadership and support to the Department's divisions. Department services strengthen the capacity of Colorado's communities and local governments through a range of unique functions including affordable housing, financial and technical assistance to local governments and ensuring the equitable administration of property tax law throughout the state.

Executive Director’s Office Staff

Jessi Groth, Executive Assistant

Bruce Eisenhauer, Legislative Liaison

Brenda Valerio, Human Resources Director

Shannon Gray, Communications Director

Chynna Cowart, Press Secretary

Cory Nicholson, Digital Strategy Manager

Leila Al-Hamoodah, Chief Strategy Officer


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