Strategic & Legislative Planning

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As required by the SMART Act, the Department of Local Affairs has summarized its near-term strategic and operational priorities in the Department Performance Plan and overall Strategic Plan. The performance management plan is designed to drive results that matter to Coloradans through a customer-focused, continuous improvement culture of operational excellence. The Department achieves its planned results by:

  • Defining statewide goals and Department-specific strategic policy initiatives
  • Identifying the high-impact strategies we must employ to achieve our goals
  • Creating a system of reporting and evaluation at the statewide and department levels to maintain accountability, and
  • Empowering every state employee with the tools, training and opportunity to improve the way we deliver the government goods and service

FY 2023-2024 Performance Plan

2023 Regulatory Agenda

2022 Regulatory Agenda Report

2023 DOLA Letter Certifying Public Engagement

Long Range Financial Plan (HB-1430)

Previous Performance Documents


2021 Regulatory Agenda

2021 DOLA Letter Certifying Public Engagement

FY 2020-2021 Performance Plan

2020 Performance Evaluation Report Q(4)

2020 Performance Evaluation Report Q(3)

2020 Performance Evaluation Report Q(2)

2020 Performance Evaluation Report Q(1)

2020 Regulatory Agenda Report


2020 Regulatory Agenda

2020 DOLA Letter Certifying Public Engagement

FY 2019-2020 Performance Plan

2019 Performance Evaluation Report Q(4)

2019 Performance Evaluation Report Q(3)

2019 Performance Evaluation Report Q(2)

2019 Performance Evaluation Report Q(1)

2018 Performance Plan Evaluation

Legislative Liaison

Bruce Eisenhauer