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2023 DEO 101 Webinars

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DEO 101 #1

Thursday, January 12 

10:00 AM

Basics and Resources

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DEO 101 #2

Thursday, February 16

10:00 AM

Before and After the Cancellation Deadline

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DEO 101 #3

Thursday, March 2

10:00 AM

Competitive Elections: PP, MB, and More

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Additional Information


When can a special district hold an election?
Election Type/Time February May October November December
Ballot Questions(no $:TABOR) M/P M/P M/P C or P* M/P
Ballot Issues($:TABOR) -
M only (+Directors)
Odd Years only
- C or M -
Regular Election -
Odd Years Only
M/P - -
M = Mail Ballot Election, P = Polling Place Election, C = Coordinated Election (with County)

*Special District formation elections are set by court order. An organizational election may be conducted as a polling place in any November if there are Ballot Issues (TABOR) being asked.

Signed Acts
Year Act
2019 2019 Act: Metro Fire Sales Tax, HB19-1047
2019 Act: Online Notice of a Local Govt Entity, 2019a-1087
2019 Act: Parolee Voting Rights, 2019a-1266
2019 Act: Automatic Voter Registration, 2019a-235

2018 Act: Special District Odd Year Elections, HB18-1039
2018 Act: Recall Director, HB18-1268
2018 Act: Fair Campaign Practices Act technical modifications, HB18-1047
2018 Act: New Oath Requirements, HB-1138
2018 Act: (Vetoed) Non-resident SD electors, HB-1181
2018 Act: Vote Trading Ban, SB-18076
2018 Act: Uniform Election Code technical modifications, SB18-233
2018 Act: Oaths part 2, SB18-242

2013 2013 Act: Election Law - HB13-1303











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