DOLA Awards

The Department of Local Affairs Allocates Over $4.7M Into Economic Development Initiatives Across 26 Communities in Colorado

Since the passage of the statute, and the first stimulus supported grant cycle being awarded in October 2021, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) has directly allocated $4,733,626 into supporting the economic development of existing communities across the state of Colorado. With 26 rural community-driven projects, these program dollars have demonstrated enhanced local economic impact through the positive outcomes in Colorado towns/cities and for their residents.

Colorado Department of Local Affairs Awards More Than $18M In First Round of the Affordable Housing Development Incentives Grant Program

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), through the Division of Local Government (DLG), recently awarded more than $18M in funding across 13 counties in Colorado. These 14 Innovative Housing Opportunities Incentive (IHOI) grants will provide 1,872 additional housing units, providing housing for approximately 4,867 people.