Water and Land Use Integration


Water and Land Use Planning

The State of Colorado works to identify and promote local government best practices for integrating land use and water planning. 

Looking for Technical Assistance?

Access Water and Land use Integration Technical Assistance by contacting:


Water and Land Use Integration Resources

Tools for Local Governments

Examples of available tools for integrated water and land use planning include:

Planning Resources at DOLA

Understanding the State’s Role in Water and Land Use Integration

Not finding what you are looking for? Contact Scott Williamson (scott.williamson@state.co.us) for more resources.


Colorado Water and Land Use Planning Alliance 

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance is a non-formal group that helps local communities to effectively incorporate water in comprehensive planning. The work of the Alliance supports priorities in the Colorado Water Plan. Participants from state agencies, local governments, advocacy organizations, research organizations, and other interested parties come together to develop resources, provide technical assistance, and track progress on water and land use integration across Colorado. 

How to get involved 

Quarterly meetings of the Alliance are a great place to understand Colorado’s efforts to integrate water and land use. For meeting summaries, visit the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Land Use page. Contact Scott Williamson (scott.williamson@state.co.us) to learn more.