The Department of Local Affairs Awards More Than $36M Energy/Mineral Impact Grants Across The State of Colorado

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Media Contact: Chynna Cowart | 303-656-7464

The Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Program, within the Department of Local Affairs, was established to assist political subdivisions facing social and/or economic impacts as an outcome of the development, processing, or energy conversion of minerals and mineral fuels. A portion of the State's share of the royalties paid to the federal government for the mining and drilling of minerals and mineral fuels on federally held territory, as well as the State's severance tax on the production of energy and minerals, provide the funds for this program.

The Division of Local Government has awarded a total of $36,082,319 for Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) grants for the Cycle 23-07.

Highlights of Recent 23-07 Projects In Development

1. Morrison Creek Metro Water & Sanitation District Well 13 Construction

This project consists of the construction of a new well that will provide a secondary water supply source to ensure redundancy for approximately 700 customers and will improve fire-fighting abilities. Backup capabilities will allow for projected growth within the District.

Award: $100,000
Local Match: $100,000

2. Mountain Village Meadowlark Infrastructure

The project will assist with horizontal construction costs for 29 for-sale, deed-restricted, price-capped units for regional workforce, filling a critical need and gap within the existing for-sale inventory. Funding assistance aligns with the community’s goals to provide affordable, high quality housing units for those who live and work in the community.

Award: $200,000    
Local Match: $200,000

3. Weld County Environmental Justice Plan

Weld County’s Environmental Justice strategy will evaluate environmental, social and governance processes to ensure the county is effectively meeting the functional needs of the residents. The plan deliverables will include research and data gathering, public outreach, and development of goals and objectives to guide policy decision making.

Award: $100,000    
Local Match: $100,000

4. Basalt Midland Ave. Broadband Fiber Infrastructure

This project will extend broadband fiber and infrastructure from Project THOR up Midland Avenue towards the Frying Pan River Valley to enhance telecommuting, telemedicine, distance learning and business services. High speed connections will accelerate business development by providing new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and e-commerce.

Award: $158,733    
Local Match: $158,733

5. Kiowa School District Early Childhood Center

The addition of eight new modular classrooms will allow continued early education classrooms for toddler and younger, non-school age children to meet the growing childcare demand in Elbert County. This project will provide affordable and safe childcare to the community that currently has no existing licensed early childhood education centers. 

Award: $965,000
Local Match: $965,000

6. Fremont Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant Ultra-Violet Disinfection System

Retrofit of the current water treatment plant (WTP) to include an ultra-violet (UV) system will maintain a pathogen-free effluent into the Arkansas River. Cost savings equate to approximately $1.17M over a 20-year period while also significantly reducing the District’s electric consumption. 

Award: $431,500
Local Match: $431,500

7. Gunnison County Affordable Housing Solar/Geothermal

This project will provide lower overall housing and utilities costs for the residents. Geothermal heat pumps will enhance fiscal stability and solar arrays will lower greenhouse gas emissions from the buildings. 

Award: $397,500
Local Match: $397,500 

8. Larimer County Wellington-Masonville Middle Mile Fiber

This middle mile project will provide affordable, high-speed broadband for over 1,600 premises that are unserved or underserved in the County. Construction of these middle mile routes will improve redundancy and availability of open-access middle mile fiber to this region that will allow gigabit or faster internet speeds to residents.

Award: $995,429
Local Match: $995,429

9. Breckenridge Affordable Housing Infrastructure

This project will be phase two of a 61-unit housing community dedicated to the Town of Breckenridge workforce. This project will also focus on improving affordability for moderate income owners.

Award: $750,000
Local Match: $1,270,129

10. Holyoke Community Childcare Center Construction & Renewable Components

The Holyoke Community Childcare Initiative will build a licensed childcare facility to meet the demand for safe and affordable childcare in this rural area. Rooftop solar panels and heat source pumps to achieve at least 80% reliance on renewable energy and reduce operating and maintenance costs.  

Award: $1,219,551
Local Match: $2,161,059

The next round of awards for the Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Program will be announced in November 2023. For more information, please visit the Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) Grant webpage.

EIAF Cycle 23-07 Awards

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