Read in conjunction with Board Rules


  • The BAA will accept an emailed statement of withdrawal from petitioner or petitioner's agent, without confirmation from respondent. Petitioners who no longer wish to pursue their appeal should either email the BAA to request withdrawal of the appeal, or file a request for withdrawal in the case management system. 


  • The BAA will vacate a hearing once it receives written notice from the Respondent county that an agreement has been reached. The case will remain open until a written and executed stipulation is received and approved by the BAA.


  • Direct exhibits are due 4 weeks before hearing. Reply (rebuttal) exhibits are due 3 weeks before hearing.
  • A witness list should also be filed in the case management system, 4 weeks before the hearing.
  • Identify exhibits with numbers if you are the petitioner, letters if you are the respondent. Paginate each exhibit.
  • Upload each exhibit as a separate PDF file (up to 250MB), separately named, to the case management system. User guides for the case management system are available on the BAA's website. 
  • If your proposed exhibits exceed 100 pages, in addition to uploading them to the case management system, mail two paper copies to the BAA. Mail your copies of exhibits on the filing deadline to ensure staff has ample time to mail them to Board members. Hand delivery can be scheduled ahead of time by calling or emailing; staff is working a hybrid schedule.


  • You will receive a Zoom video conferencing link at least one week before your hearing date.
  • Hearings are live-streamed via YouTube. The live-stream viewing link is on both the Board's website and Hearing Schedule.
  • A “What to Expect at Your Hearing” video is available on the BAA's website. In addition, you may observe an actual hearing in progress via the BAA’s YouTube channel, to learn what to expect at a BAA hearing. 

Zoom Hearing Procedures

  • Log in 15 minutes before the hearing. When you first join the Zoom meeting, you will be in a virtual waiting room. The BAA Hearing Host will admit you when the hearing is ready to begin. This will normally be a few minutes before your scheduled hearing time, and rarely a few minutes after your scheduled hearing time. 
  • Join the hearing with audio muted. 
  • Ensure your background is appropriate to the occasion, and that background noise is kept to a minimum. 
  • Share the hearing information with your witnesses, and ensure they have a copy of any exhibits they will refer to during testimony.
  • Ensure your email account recognizes dola_baa@state.co.us as a valid email address, in case any email communication needs arise during the hearing.
  • Download exhibits from the case management system before joining the hearing.
  • Presenting exhibits onscreen during the hearing is not permitted. Only exhibits exchanged before hearing under the Board's Rule 11 will be considered. Exhibits should be filed electronically via the Board's case management system.
  • Your hearing will be open to the public via a live stream to YouTube. 

Continuance Procedures

  • The BAA will grant one emailed, mutually agreed upon request to continue a hearing, when the parties submit three mutually agreed upon dates that fall within 60 calendar days of the current hearing date, and a reasonable justification for the continuance. Please review Board Rule 12 for information on continuances. 

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