The Department of Local Affairs Launches the Wind and Wildfire Home Protection Mitigation Program

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Media Contact: Chynna Cowart | 303-656-7464


The Department of Local Affairs has launched the Wind and Wildfire Home Protection Mitigation Program as an extension of the State of Colorado Housing Recovery Program.

This program is eligible for owners of a primary residence (at the time of the disaster and application) impacted by a state declared disaster since 2018, including the Marshall Fire and Straight Line Wind event.

The Wind and Wildfire Home Protection Mitigation Program

Program Eligibility
Two funding options are available for disaster mitigation measures (i.e., home hardening):

  1. Up to $30,000 (funded as up to $5,000 grant, and up to $25,000 forgivable or traditional loan, dependent on income and rebuilding gap)
  2. Up to $5,000 grant only (not dependent on income or a rebuilding gap) - Awards in this fund category are limited to a total of $2,000,000.

Eligible Mitigation Measures: If a rebuild or renovation estimate includes one of the items listed below, the homeowner is eligible to receive up to the total line item amount listed (the actual cost up to the listed amount), dependent on the measures completed. Funds are reimbursed to the applicant upon paid invoice or receipt for costs incurred.

Wind and Wildfire Mitigation MeasuresEligible Amount 
(up to $ listed)
Fire-resistant or ember-resistant siding - e.g. fiber cement siding$15,000

Fire-resistant windows -

  • triple-pane windows with metal-clad or fiberglass frames
  • dual-pane glass windows with metal-clad or fiberglass frames



In-home sprinkler systems$8,000
Non-combustible Class A decking attached to a residential structure - e.g. PVC, composite, concrete, fire-retardant treated wood, etc.$3,000
Non-combustible fencing materials that are within 5 feet of a residential structure - e.g., metal, fire-retardant treated materials, etc.$3,000
Gutter guards$1,500
Ember-resistant and flame-resistant venting$1,500


Additional Manufactured (Mobile) Housing Mitigation MeasuresEligible Amount 
(up to $ listed)
Insulation (pipe insulation and cold weather protection)$5,000
Tie downs/anchoring$5,000
Fire-resistant skirting$5,000


Maximum Award Amounts: The maximum award amount per home is $30,000 (funded as up to a $5,000 grant, and up to a $25,000 forgivable or traditional loan). Applicants may choose to apply for only the $5,000 mitigation grant. The mitigation awards will be in addition to any Housing Recovery Program award and would be added to any forgivable or traditional awards.

Area Median Income Level (AMI)Mitigation Forgivable LoanMitigation Traditional LoanMitigation Grant Only
≤ 120% AMIUp to $30,000
(first $5,000 as a grant)
N/AUp to $5,000
> 120% AMIN/AUp to $30,000
(first $5,000 as a grant)
Up to $5,000
Application Process

There are two methods to apply, depending on the desired amount:

  1. If seeking up to $30,000 (grant and/or loan): Complete the Housing Recovery Program application and include eligible mitigation measures and costs. No additional application is required for mitigation measures.
  2. If seeking only up to a $5,000 grant: Complete a short Wind and Wildfire Protection Mitigation Program application. (Grants awards are limited to a total of $2,000,000.)

For applications seeking up to $30,000 (grant and/or loan), income documentation, insurance documentation, rebuild and rehabilitation funding gap, and general contractor/builder or vendor proposal or invoices listing mitigation items and costs* are required to apply.

For applications seeking up to a $5,000 grant, only vendor invoices or an applicant’s payment receipts for one or more of the installed eligible mitigation items are required.

* If the homeowner does not yet have a bid or proposal, the additional mitigation costs can be included as “add-ins” to the software-derived rebuilding estimate generated by the program administrator. Mitigation measures will be validated once the bid or invoice becomes available.

How to Apply

Apply Today

For all inquiries, connect with a CEDP representative: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Call/text 303-532-2785 or Email

Program Partners

The State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs, has partnered with Impact Development Fund as program administrator and Community Economic Defense Project as the application intake partner to support this program.

Impact Development Fund

Impact Development Fund (IDF) is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), and is committed to making an impact by developing and preserving affordable housing and nonprofit facilities. Certified by the United States Treasury, and as an approved Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) institution, Impact Development Fund works with social impact investors, local municipalities, housing and financing authorities across Colorado, nonprofit organizations, partner CDFIs, and traditional banks to provide opportunities for positive change by making investments in housing and economic development in Colorado’s communities.

Community Economic Defense Project

The Community Economic Defense Project encompasses a fully-integrated response to economic hardship and innovative service delivery models. This work has expanded far beyond eviction defense as they advocate for rights for mobile home residents, directly prevent homelessness through diversion efforts, offer foreclosure and Homeowner Association (HOA) defense services, take on consumer and medical debt, and defend and provide aid to victims of non-consensual towing.

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