Local Community Funding Guide

Local Community Funding Guide

About the Guide

The Division of Local Government (DLG) created this comprehensive resource to help local governments and nonprofit community organizations navigate the funding sources available through a variety of Federal and State programs. See the below instructions on use of this guide.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an exhaustive list and will be updated frequently as new information is available.

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The Colorado Resiliency Office is hosting the Pathways to Recovery and Resiliency Funding webinar series during the monthly Local Government Coordination Call, every third Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. 
This series showcases current and pertinent funding opportunity information and overviews of programs that may be good solutions for local needs. 

Make sure you are registered to attend these webinars.

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How to Use this Guide

The below table is a comprehensive list of statewide funding opportunities. Information on this table has been simplified to display just the information you see in the headers at the top of the table to make information more easily accessible and to make the table easier to navigate. To see more information or details about a specific funding program, click the hyperlink of the appropriate row under the “Program” header. 

Filter Options

Above the table, you will see six different filter options. You can select as many of these as you would like to help narrow down your options. You can also type keywords into the “type to search” bar. You can also filter by clicking the vertical 3 dots above the table on the right-hand side and choose one of the “sort by” options of your preference. This is also where you can export selected data as well into an excel spreadsheet. 

Clear Filters

To clear selections in a single filter box, click the checkbox next to the filter headers. To completely refresh the page and return back to default settings, click the yellow refresh arrow above the table on the top left-hand side.

Using the Type of Funding and Eligibility Filters 

If this is your first time using this tool, you will notice when you hover over the “Type of Funding” and “Eligibility” filters that a pop-up window appears. This is simply a precaution Google includes in tables of this kind, however, it is not relevant because no personal information is needed or should be entered to use these filters. To bypass this, select “proceed” on the pop-up window. Moving forward, this should not show up again when you use this page unless you are in a new browser.

Best Way to View the Guide

The guide can be viewed on this page. However, opening the guide in a separate window will provide you with the most optimal experience. 

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