Volunteer Firefighter Pension Fund

As of July 1, 2004, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) became responsible for administering and disbursing the state contribution for state matching funds for the Volunteer Firefighter Pension Fund (VFP) state match program (CRS 31-30-1112). The Fire and Police Pension Association (FPPA) previously administered the program. This program is designed to help local governments provide a retirement benefit to attract volunteers. All volunteer firefighting entities, which provide a volunteer firefighter pension, are eligible to receive a state match. The entities must contribute funds generated from taxes (property, sales, S.O., etc.) which the state will match based on a statutory calculation.


Application Information

Applications from eligible entities (see "Eligibility") are accepted annually from September 1 - October 31, to request a state match based on the entity tax contribution as described above.  

The VFP online application will be available via the "Apply and Manage Application" button below during the application period.

Please contact program staff if you have questions, contact information is below.

2022 VFP Application Portal Instructions (PDF download)


Forms and Resources



  • Municipalities with a population under 100,000 that maintain a regularly organized volunteer fire department and that offer fire protection services
  • Fire protection districts having volunteers and offering fire protection services
  • County improvement districts having volunteer fire department members and offering fire protection services
  • Counties contributing to a volunteer pension fund at one of the above

The eligible entities must have:

  • Active, pension-eligible volunteer firefighters
    • "Active volunteer": A volunteer firefighter shall maintain a minimum training participation in the fire department of 36 hours each year to qualify for benefits (31-30-1122(1)).
    • "Pension-eligible": A retired volunteer firefighter who has served twenty years and is over 50 years of age is eligible for pension benefit. If the firefighter is not yet 50, they may take a leave of absence until they reach that age. The local board may decide to pay a retirement benefit with less than 20 years of service if the municipality/District is actuarially sound. No matter what, you’re not eligible for funds until after ten years.
  • Contributed tax revenue to the volunteer firefighter pension fund in the year prior to the application year.



Year Amount Contributed

Pensions Funded

2020  $4,317,686 211
2019 $4,265,444 215
2018 $4,201,417 212
2017 $4,351,123 221
2016 $4,202,791 220
2015 $4,116,022 220
2014 $4,170,673 222
2013 $4,096,705 225
2012 $4,175,447 224
2011 $4,363,192 225
2010 $4,281,892 224
2009 $4,222,528 225
2008 $4,009,590 221
2007 $4,025,790 224
2006 $3,925,067 227
2005 $3,734,097 220


Accidental Death & Disability Insurance

The state has contracted with Willis Towers Watson to provide Accidental Death and Disability Insurance for Colorado volunteer firefighters. Under this policy, all volunteer firefighters in the state of Colorado are covered for any on-duty activities, including travel to and from any event. For claims information, contact the Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company or the insurance broker, Julie Mileham at (303) 866-4277.


Program Contacts

Becky Saad
Program Manager