Renewable and Clean Energy Initiative

A $12 million Renewable and Clean Energy Challenge was launched in 2019 by DOLA to help spark efforts to reach Colorado’s 2040 100% renewable energy goal. That challenge resulted in $1,175,456 in renewable planning projects and another $4,416,704 in renewable implementation awards across Colorado. A list of those awards is here.

While the Renewable and Clean Energy Challenge is inactive at this time, funds that remain from the Challenge remain specifically earmarked for ongoing renewable and clean energy projects.  Projects funded by this set aside should achieve renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation efforts, support innovations in renewable energy, achieve multiple objectives and/or serve those with the greatest need, develop plans, studies, and policies that further long-term, large-scale renewable energy generation and energy conservation. Successful projects will be those that respond to needs and opportunities as identified by the local government.


Applications for the planning or implementation of renewable and clean energy projects will be accepted during the Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program competitive grant cycles. Application deadlines are currently set for October 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021 with the application period open for 1 month prior to the deadline. Please see the Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Grant page for competitive grant cycle timing and a link to the DOLA Grants Portal.

Renewable Policies

Renewables Initiative Rating Criteria



Please contact your Regional Manager with questions.