Broadband Program

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Two broadband grant programs are currently available.

Broadband Interconnectivity (HB21-1289) Grant Program: $5,000,000 available

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) with funding from HB21-1289 supports the Broadband Interconnectivity Program to provide public institutions, private businesses, and citizens with access to reliable broadband service.

Grants under HB21-1289 are prioritized toward providing broadband interconnectivity between communities in rural or other areas that are currently unserved and underserved by broadband infrastructure. Consistent with the US Department of Treasury Interim Final Rule, users are defined as being unserved or underserved if they lack access to a wireline connection capable of reliably delivering at least minimum speeds of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload to households and businesses.

Applications may be made for either Planning or Middle Mile Interconnectivity projects and applications for Broadband Interconnectivity projects may be submitted at any time. Eligible entities include Regional Councils of Governments (or similar collaboration) and local government partnerships. Projects awarded money under this grant program, except for projects awarded to Indian tribes or nations, cannot use the money for last-mile broadband deployment.

Applications for either Planning or Middle Mile Interconnectivity projects open October 25,
2021 and close on December 31, 2021.

Please contact your Regional Manager for additional information and instructions.


Apply and Manage Broadband Interconnectivity (HB21-1289) Grant



Broadband Planning and Infrastructure Set-Aside:  $3,600,000 available
DOLA supports the efforts of local governments to improve Broadband service to their constituents to achieve enhanced community and economic development.
The program:

  • Promotes inter-jurisdictional communication
  • Supports better access to services available over Broadband, such as distance learning opportunities and telemedicine
  • Provides planning and middle mile infrastructure grants

              o    Grants for broadband planning and infrastructure are applied for, managed and reported through the Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Program

Please contact your Regional Manager for additional information and instructions.

Apply and Manage Broadband Planning and Infrastructure Set-Aside Grant



HB21-1289 Broadband Interconnectivity Policy-Process 
HB21-1289 Broadband App
HB21-1289 Applicant Financials Template 
HB21-1289 Project Budget Template 
EIAF Broadband Set-Aside Grants and Eligibility Guidelines
EIAF Broadband Set-Aside Policies

Regional Broadband Plans

Estes Park Broadband Plan
South Central Council of Governments Regional Strategic Broadband Plan
Garfield and Mesa Counties Broadband Strategic Plan
Moffat County Broadband Strategic Plan
SEBREA Broadband Strategic Plan
San Luis Valley Broadband Strategic Plan
Teller County Broadband Plan
Yuma County Broadband Master Plan
NWCCOG Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
Region 9 Southwest Colorado Access Network Final Report
Region 10 Broadband Blueprint
UAACOG Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
Routt County Strategic Broadband Plan Final Report
Pitkin County Broadband Phase II Report
Custer County Broadband Infrastructure Expansion Design Study Final Report
Southwest Colorado Council of Governments Strategic Broadband Plan
East Central Colorado Council of Government Broadband Strategic Plan
Fraser and Winter Park Final Report
NECALG Broadband Strategic Plan
Broadband in Summit County - Strategic Plan
Town of Buena Vista Broadband Assessment and Feasibility Analysis

Interactive Broadband Map

Click on the map below to visit the DOLA interactive broadband map.