Strong Communities


Program Overview

Colorado HB 22-1304 established a new “Infrastructure & Strong Communities” program funded by federal stimulus funds that is collaboratively managed by the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Division of Local Government (DLG), Colorado Energy Office (CEO), and Department of Transportation (CDOT). 

House Bill 22-1304

This program will 
  • Develop a list of sustainable land use best practices and complementary educational opportunities (e.g., webinars)
  • Select interested municipalities and counties to participate in the program
  • Offer grants to selected communities to:
    • Invest in infill infrastructure projects that support affordable housing and are within or adjacent to a downtown area, core business district, transit oriented development, or include onsite early childhood care and educational services, and
    • Invest in amending local policies, programs, and regulations to drive more sustainable development patterns, resulting in increased affordable housing options, decreased traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, and increased public and business health.

Program Status

DOLA, CEO, and CDOT are developing the program guidelines. The program is expected to launch in April 2023, and will run through 2026.

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Program Contact

  Lisa Loranger