High Performance Certification Program

Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S. 24-30-1305.5)require all new facilities, additions, and renovation projects that meet the following applicability criteria to conform with the High Performance Certification Program (HPCP) policy adopted by the Office of the State Architect (OSA) if:

  • The project receives 25% or more of state funds, and
  • The new facility, addition, or renovation project contains 5,000 or more building square feet,and
  • The building includes an HVAC system,and
  • In the case of a renovation project, the cost of the renovation exceeds 25% of the current value of the property.

For projects that meet these applicability criteria, the HPCP requires projects to receive third party verification. The HPCP goal is for applicable projects to attain certification through either the United States Green Building Council, LEED rating system (with a target of LEED–Gold) or the Green Building Initiative, Green Globes rating system (with a target of Three Globes). A modification to the target certification goal may be granted by DOLA. In instances where achievement of the certification goal is not feasible, an applicant may request a modification of the HPCP policy or a waiver if certain conditions exist.

Local government applicants must complete Section E of the EIAF application. If the proposed project meets the HPCP applicability criteria above, the applicant should also complete and submit the HPCP Registration and Waiver/Modification Request Form and Checklists along with the grant application.

See the HPCP Guide for Communities for more information and contact your regional manager or KC McFerson.


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