The State of Colorado’s Local Community Funding Guide Has Been Improved to Increase User Accessibility and Functionality

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The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), through the Colorado Resiliency Office, in partnership with the Governor’s Office, has increased functionality and enhanced the Local Community Funding Guide resource.

“This exciting resource connects Colorado communities with state and federal funding opportunities, building upon our work to save people money, boost local economies, and support Colorado’s thriving main streets,” said Governor Jared Polis.

About the Local Community Funding Guide

This extensive resource was developed by the Division of Local Government (DLG) to assist local governments and community-based organizations in navigating the financial opportunities provided by a number of Federal and State programs.

Since its original launch in 2021, the Colorado Resiliency Office and the Governor’s Office have worked together to reinvigorate the guide and create a more curated product for local government and community-based organizations to use. This cross-agency collaboration, now will give users access to a more individualized experience - saving time and money. 

Users of this funding guide can access real-time, accurate, and up-to-date State and Federal funding data and programming to learn more about eligibility requirements, grant types, application availability, and other topics.

“These unprecedented federal COVID-19 recovery funds appropriated to DOLA by the General Assembly are critically important for local governments to access. The local community funding guide is designed to ensure these many new programs and resources are easily accessible and detailed in one place.” Rick Garcia, Executive Director

By presenting a more streamlined product that is simple to identify a program that their local government or community-based organization is eligible for, this updated guide seeks to reduce the time and costs spent by the State's stakeholders and constituents.

How to Use The Local Community Funding Guide

The local funding guide is a table with a detailed description of state funding opportunities.

To make information more accessible and the table easier to navigate, the information in this table has been condensed so that it only displays the data that is visible in the headers at the top. Click the hyperlink of the relevant row under the "Program" header to view further information or specifics about a given funding program.

There are six different filter options. In order to help narrow their options, users can select as many of these as they desire. Additionally, local governments and community-based organizations can enter keywords in the "type to search" field. By selecting their preferred "sort by" option from the vertical 3-dot menu above the table on the right, users can additionally filter. Constituents can export a selection of data from here into an Excel spreadsheet.

DOLA Local Community Funding Guide - All Categories

For the most up-to-date information on funding opportunities across the State of Colorado, please visit the Department of Local Affairs' Local Community Funding Guide.

Local Community Funding Guide

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