NSP3 Grant Closed

Neighborhood Stabilization Program III

The State of Colorado’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program III (NSP3) Action Plan was approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) including both the funds awarded to the State of Colorado, and to the City of Colorado Springs (Entitlement) when the grant agreement was executed March 11, 2011, making funds available for expenditure through March 11, 2014.

The activities funded under the grant have been completed as described in the Substantial Amendment to the Action Plan, and the grant was closed out with HUD effective December 13, 2017.

Action Plan & Public Comments

Grant Closeout Public Notice
La Noticia Pública concesión completa para NSP3 Plan Substancial de Enmienda/Acción en Español

Final NSP3 Substantial Amendment Action Plan
La Enmienda Substancial al Plan de la Acción NSP3

Final Public Comments Received
Resumen de los Comentarios Publicos Recibidos

Action Plan Appendices 1-9

Appendix 1:Continuation of Intergovernmental Joint Cooperation Agreement between the State of Colorado and the City of Colorado Springs

Appendix 2:HUD NSP3 Data for Colorado (Tier 1)

Appendix 3:State of Colorado Data: 2010 Year End Housing Snapshot 

Appendix 4:State of Colorado Data: Spread of Foreclosure in Colorado

Appendix 5:State of Colorado Data: Housing Mismatch and Rent Burden

Appendix 6:State of Colorado, Denver Metro Area Data: Rising Rents 

Appendix 7:State of Colorado Data: Tightening Rental Market 

Appendix 8:State of Colorado Data: Rental Housing Development Shortage 

Appendix 9:State of Colorado Data: Rental Trends for Lowest-Income Households

Action Plan Appendix 10
Appendix 10:State of Colorado NSP3 Application Criteria Checklist
Action Plan Appendices 11-14

Appendix 11: NSP3 Entitlement Communities:

Appendix 12 &13: NSP3 Areas of Greatest Need Maps,and Planning Data for State of Colorado and City of Colorado Springs (page 1) 

Appendix 14: NSP3 Final (closeout) Action Plan Tier Data/Apéndice 14 - NSP3 Final (Terminación) Plan de Acción Datos de Nivel (Spanish)


Grant Closeout

Executed Closeout Certification & Agreement

Closeout Attachments

Attachment A: NSP Grant Closeout Start Letter from HUD Attachment B: NSP Grant Closeout Certification

Attachment C: NSP Closeout Checklist Attachment D: NSP Grant Closeout Agreement Attachment E: NSP Management Plan for Continued Affordability DOLA Cover Letter to HUD

Performance Reports (QPRs)