State Housing Board

The Colorado State Housing Board was created in 1970 to advise the General Assembly, the Governor, and the Division of Housing on Colorado housing needs. The seven-member State Housing Board reviews financing requests, adopts regulations governing factory built structures and multifamily housing in counties with no building codes. The Board also sponsors research reports for use by the public, legislators, and the Governor., The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at 1313 Sherman St., Room 318, Denver, CO, 80203, unless otherwise noted in the Board Packet.

Board Members

Name Congressional District Term Expires
Anthea Martin 1 01/31/2023
Sam Betters 2 01/31/2025
Tim Hudner 3 01/31/2023
Candace Payne 4 01/31/2025
J. Ryan Moses 5 01/31/2025
Brian Arnold 6 01/31/2023
LaDawn Sperling 7 01/31/2024

Board Member Bios

Full recordings of the State Housing Board meetings (including chat transcript with Member votes and attendance) will automatically attach to the event on the calendar below, usually within an hour of the meeting conclusion. To access, click the event on the calendar you wish to view, and then click "more details"

Meeting Packets

Meeting packets contain only the items to be considered at each meeting and reflect whether projects reviewed at the previous meeting were approved.

2021 Packets


2020 Packets 

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To find older State Housing Board packets, please visit the State Housing Board Archives.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The State Housing Board is required to "consult with and obtain the advice of an advisory committee on residential and nonresidential structures in the drafting and promulgation of rules." The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) fulfills this statutory requirement and is made up of twelve members appointed by the Director of the Division of Housing.,

2021 Meeting Notices and Agendas

Public Meeting Notice 06/24

Public Meeting Notice 06/17

Public Meeting 06/09

Public Meeting Notice 05/18

2020 Meeting Notices and Agendas

Public Meeting Notice 6/9

Public Meeting Notice 5/27

2019 Meeting Notices and Agendas

Public Meeting Notice 8/23

Public Meeting Notice 8/9
2018 Meeting Notices and Agendas

Public Meeting Notice 3/23 Public Meeting Notice 3/16

Public Meeting Notice &, Agenda 3/1 Public Meeting Notice 2/22 Public Meeting Notice &, Agenda 2/15 Public Meeting Notice 2/1 Public Meeting Notice &, Agenda 1/18, Public Meeting Notice &, Agenda 1/4 Public Meeting Notice &, Agenda 12/22 Appointed Members