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Has your contact information changed? Or did you just buy a park?

Landlords are required by law to update their contact information within 30 days of the change. If the timing fits, you can update as you renew your registration. If you just bought a park, we transfer registration accounts.

If you're not renewing now or just bought a park, see the options to update your contact information.

Registration Data

Registration Requirements

Under Colorado law, landlords must register mobile home parks in Colorado with the Division of Housing and renew each year before the expiration date.

Landlords must register new mobile home parks in Colorado within three months of making the lots available for rent.

If a park isn’t actively registered or owes a registration or a penalty fee, the landlord can’t increase rent. Find out how landlords can increase park rent.

Definitions That Determine If You Must Register

Mobile Home Park

Any property in Colorado that has all of the following characteristics must register. The property:

  • Is used for the continuous accommodation of mobile homes
  • Includes five or more occupied mobile homes
  • Is operated for the benefit of the landlord or their agents, lessees, or assignees

The occupied mobile home count includes homes the landlord owns. Landlords who own some or all of the mobile homes in a park still must register the park.

This includes cooperatives or properties that charitable organizations own. See section 38-12-201.5(6), C.R.S. and 8 CCR 1302-15 Rule 1.4.

Mobile Home

All of the following characteristics define a mobile home. A mobile home:

  • Is a single-family dwelling
  • Is built on a permanent chassis
  • Is designed for long-term living
  • Contains complete electrical, plumbing, and sanitary facilities
  • Is designed to be installed permanently or semipermanently with or without a permanent foundation
  • Can be drawn over public highways

Other structures that are also considered mobile homes in state statute include:

  • Manufactured homes in a mobile home park
  • Tiny homes built in compliance with the state design standards on or after July 1, 2023
  • Factory-built residential structures or modular homes in a mobile home park with all of the characteristics of a mobile home
  • Any pre-1976 mobile home

Recreational vehicles, motor homes, camper trailers, or fifth wheel trailers are not mobile homes.

See section 38-12-201.5(5), C.R.S. and 8 CCR 1302-15 Rule 1.3. You can also get the details on which homes are mobile homes under Colorado law.


State statute doesn’t define “occupied” based on whether someone is physically in a home at a particular time.

Instead, a mobile home is occupied if a landlord has a rental agreement or is receiving rent payments for the home or lot.

See 8 CCR 1302-15 Rule 1.7.

Subdivisions and Parcels That Aren’t Next to Each Other

Mobile home subdivisions or property zoned for manufactured home subdivisions are generally not mobile home parks under state statute.

But if an owner owns a parcel, subdivided parcels, or interests in the same neighborhood and the parcel(s) meets the other characteristics of a mobile home park, the owner must register. This may include parcels that aren’t next to each other if the Division of Housing determines the land is in the same neighborhood.

See section 38-12-201.5(6)-(6.5), C.R.S. and 8 CCR 1302-15 Rule 1.5.

If the Definitions Don’t Fit Your Property

If you believe you aren’t required to register or renew your registration, you must submit a written request not to be required to register:

  • Within 30 days of receiving the park’s registration packet if you have never registered before
  • Before your park’s registration expires if your registration renewal is due

To make this request, you must:

  • Explain why you believe your property may not meet the definition of a mobile home park 
  • List the number of occupied mobile homes on the property
  • Give an estimated date of when the property changed to have fewer than five occupied mobile homes
  • Describe whether you intend to add more mobile homes to the property and when you expect them to be available for rent

You may also want to include with your request form:

To submit your request:

  • Fill out the request form (Spanish)
    • You can also request a PDF or printed copy of the form by emailing MHPOP@co.state.us or calling 1-833-924-1147.
  • Send a letter with your information by:
    • Email to MHPOP@state.co.us  
    • Fax to 720-927-2630 with a cover page noted, "Attention: Registrations"
    • Mail to: Colorado Division of Housing
      Attention: MHPOP Registrations
      1313 Sherman St #320
      Denver, CO 80203


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