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Process Manuals 

Annual Reexamination
Change of Ownership Management Company Process
Elite hold process
Elite Reference Manual
Elite standard formatting
Failed Housing Quality Standards Inspection (HQS) Process
File Audit Process - External
HAP Contract Process
Identity Theft
Informal Hearing Guidance
In State Transfer Process
Interim Reexamination
Move Process
New Admission
Participant Conference Process
PSH Training Manual
Reasonable Accommodations
Repayment Agreement Process (Worksheet)
Security Deposit and Damage Claim
Statewide Waiting List Process


Best Practices for Tenant Conferences and Terminations in Project Based Buildings
Program Comparison Chart
Sample HAP Contract - HCV
Security Deposit Tenant Meeting Worksheet  (Security Deposit Packet)

Template Letters

Application Denial Letter
Application Missing Documentation Template
Application Received Template
Applicant Voucher Expiration Template Letter
Criminal History Automatic Review
Criminal History Mandatory Denial Letter
Eligibility Mandatory Denial Letter
HQS Fail to LL - 24 hour
HQS Fail to LL - 30 
HQS Fail to tenant - 24 hour
HQS Fail to tenant - 30 day
Pre-Briefing Letter
Repayment Agreement Letter
Template Briefing Letter
Waitlist Purge Letter
Zero HAP 6 month warning letter