Building Codes and Standards

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The Division of Housing’s Building Codes and Standards (BCS) Section protects Colorado citizens by regulating diverse and unique aspects of the state’s residential and nonresidential construction industry in partnership with local governments, the federal government, other state agencies, and the private sector. Specifically, the BCS regulates the:

  1. Construction of factory-built structures at on offsite location (closed construction including electrical, mechanical, or plumbing components) to be installed or completed onsite in Colorado (both residential and non-residential);
  2. Sales (sellers, dealers, retailers) of manufactured homes (pre-1976 mobile homes, homes manufactured to the federal standards, modular homes) and tiny homes in Colorado through advertising or sales activities, including those with a retail location outside of Colorado;
  3. Installation of manufactured homes (pre-1976 mobile homes, homes manufactured to the federal standards, modular homes) and tiny homes in our state, which means the placement of a manufactured home or tiny home on a permanent or temporary foundation system, and includes supporting, blocking, leveling, securing and anchoring of the home and connecting multiple or expandable sections of the home;
  4. Construction of all site built hotels, motels, and multi-family structures in any local jurisdiction that does not have a building department;
  5. Foundation systems design and installation for manufactured homes, tiny homes, and factory-built structures in areas of the state where no local building department exists; and
  6. Accessible housing standards for factory-built residential structures and residential projects in any political subdivision that does not have a local building code, where the residential structures/projects are designed to serve persons with nonambulatory disabilities, semi ambulatory disabilities, sight disabilities, hearing disabilities, disabilities of incoordination, and aging.  

The BCS registers/certifies manufacturers, sellers, installers, and independent installation inspectors. By law, it must review and approve design/construction plans of factory-built structures (both residential and nonresidential) prior to construction, and certify a factory-built structure once it has passed inspections. The BCS also inspects and certifies the installation of manufactured homes before occupancy.

A home owner may submit concerns regarding the construction, sale, or installation of his/her manufactured home to the BCS for investigation through its complaints process.