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Taxpayers spend an average of $45,993 per person per year on medical and, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, jail incarceration, and temporary shelter costs for a chronic homeless person living on the street. The cost per person at Fort Lyon is $18,800 per year – a reduction of over 59%.

The program has served 1,517 residents in the past two years, and about 60% of them reported having three or more adverse health conditions. These people represent Colorado's most vulnerable homeless individuals.

In fiscal year 2018, 110 residents, enrolled in educational programs to develop the tools to be self-supporting.

In fiscal year 2018, 64.5% of residents (or 329 people) participates in job training.

Over the past two years, the success of the Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community has been to transition 323 residents to housing.

Program Evaluation

August 2018 Evaluation of Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community - Final Report

August 2017 Evaluation of Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community - Preliminary Report

Annual Reports

FY 2022 Fort Lyon Annual Report
FY 2021 Fort Lyon Annual Report
FY 2020 Annual Report
2018-2019 Fort Lyon Annual Report
2017-2018 Fort Lyon Annual Report

2016-2017 Fort Lyon Annual Report
2015-2016 Fort Lyon Annual Report
2014-2015 Fort Lyon Annual Report
2013-2014 Fort Lyon Annual Report


Referrals to Fort Lyon can be made by homeless service providers or health care providers.

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Creative expression

In addition to the educational and vocational training opportunities provided to residents, Fort Lyon offers other creative programs to assist with recovery. In fall of 2015, the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless partnered with the Lighthouse Writers Workshop to offer a Writer-in-Residence program to provide artistic education, support, and community to help participants explore personal histories, and providing a forum to discuss behavior, addictions, and recovery.

Program Contact

For referrals or questions about the facility:

For other questions:
Cassy Westmoreland
(303) 864-8422

Community Partners

Learn more about the state and local community partners working together in support of Fort Lyon:

Bent County Commissioners and Office of Economic Development
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing
Colorado Division of Behavioral Health

Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance Authority
Otero Junior College
Prowers Medical Center
Southeast Mental Health Services