Mobile Home Park Oversight Program

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About the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program:

The Division of Housing oversees the Mobile Home Park Act ("Act") and Mobile Home Park Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program (“Program”).  Mobile home owners, mobile home park owners, and mobile home park managers can submit complaints for dispute resolution through the Division, instead of taking issues to court, which can be costly.  The Program is responsible for:

  • Conducting outreach and education on mobile home park laws;
  • Registering all mobile home parks annually;
  • Receiving and investigating complaints;
  • Facilitating dispute resolution between mobile home owners and mobile home park landlords;
  • Determining whether violations of the law have occurred and taking enforcement actions; and
  • Engaging in public rulemaking to clarify the law.

The Division invites stakeholders from local jurisdictions, mobile home owners renting space in a mobile home park, mobile home park owners/managers, and any other interested parties to join our email list, attend stakeholder meetings in person or remotely to learn more about the Program and changes to the Act, and provide input on implementation of the Program.

Program Updates:

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Rent Increases in Mobile Home Parks

Public Meetings


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