Homeless Prevention Activities Program

The Homeless Prevention Activities Program (HPAP) provides funding to nonprofits and local governments to prevent at-risk households from experiencing homeless. Funding for the program is made available through a variety of sources including a State Income Tax Check-off, which allows Colorado residents to make voluntary contributions to the program when filing their state income tax returns. DOLA's administration HPAP is overseen by an Advisory Committee which includes representation from the Colorado Department of Human Services and two members of the public selected by DOLA's Executive Director. Funding awards are made through an annual competitive Request for Applications (RFA) process

2020 Request for Applications 

- HPAP RFA 2020
- HPAP RFA 2020 Application
- HPAP RFA 2020 Application Budget Form

*NOTE: 2020 Applications closed February 10, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. MST

Past Awards 

- 2017 HPAP Awards
- 2018 HPAP Awards
- 2019 HPAP Awards  
- 2020 HPAP Awards - PENDING 


Gaelyn Coyle-Joseph
Homeless Program Specialist
Office of Homeless Initiatives