Assessors' Reference Library Manuals

The Assessors’ Reference Library (ARL) is a series of three manuals and a statutory index that addresses Colorado property assessment.

To search these documents, view the ARL in your browser by clicking the relevant link then pressing ctrl+f on your keyboard to get a search box. To navigate within the table of contents, you will have to download the document.


Statutory Index

The Statutory Index is a compilation of statutory references of title 39, articles 1-14 and related property tax statutes.

Volume 2: Administration Manual

ARL, Volume 2 is the volume within that series that focuses on the administration of property taxes. It contains assessment procedures, processing policies, and legal references for administration of the assessor’s office.


Volume 3: Real Property Valuation Manual

ARL, Volume 3 addresses real property valuation. Its purpose is to provide a reference source for assessment policies and procedures for real property valuations according to the Colorado Constitution and statutes.


Volume 5: Personal Property Manual

ARL, Volume 5, deals with personal property assessment. This manual provides a reference source for assessment and administrative policies and procedures for the valuation and administration of personal property.



To find older replacement pages or complete manuals, please visit the ARL Archives.


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