Forms and Guidance



Administrative Review

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) HUD-6.2.2A

AFHMP Tip Sheet

Davis Bacon Additional Classification and Rate HUD-4230A

Davis Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) Checklist

Davis Bacon Statement of Compliance

DOH Unit Tracking Sheet

Hierarchy of Verification

HOME/HTF Lease addendum

HOME/HTF Tenant File Checklist

Income and Asset Questionnaire

Notification of Change in Contact Information

Purpose and Guidance on Section 504 Self-evaluation

Reasonable Accommodation - Applicant/Resident Notification to Request Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodation - Log Template

Reasonable Accommodation - Request Form (Emotional Support or Service Animals)

Reasonable Accommodation - Section 504 Decision Form

Reasonable Accommodation - Section 504 Request Form

Reasonable Accommodation - Section 504 Transfer Deactivation

Reasonable Accommodation - Verification (Emotional Support or Service Animal)

Reasonable Accommodation - Verification (Live-In Aide)

Reasonable Accommodation – Verification of Continued Need

Rent Roll Certification

Risk-based Monitoring Policy

Sample Form: Declaration of 214 Status Form

Sample Form: Affidavit of Legal Residency

Section 3 Resources

Section 504 Self-Evaluation

Tenant File Review Form

Tenant Selection Plan Framework

Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) Inspection Checklist 

Utility Allowance Certification

VAWA CDOH Emergency Transfer Plan

VAWA Notice of Occupancy Rights HUD-5380

VAWA Certification Form HUD-5382

VAWA Lease Addendum HUD-91067

VAWA Requirements Chart

VAWA Transfer Plan - Model

VAWA Transfer Request Form HUD-5383

Verification of Student Status

Neighborly Guidance

Neighborly Quarterly Report (all HDP projects and funding sources)

Neighborly Interim Performance Report (all HDP projects and funding sources)

Neighborly Completion and Monitoring Report (CDBG Rental)

Neighborly Completion and Monitoring Report (HOME Rental)

Neighborly Completion and Monitoring Report (HTF Rental)

Neighborly Completion and Monitoring Report (State-funded Rental)

Neighborly Completion and Monitoring Report (Homeownership Development all funding sources)

Neighborly Homeowner Unit Costs and Owner Characteristics (Homeownership development all funding sources)

Neighborly URA and Section 104(d) (federal funding sources when relocation occurs)

Guidance & Resources

Colorado Brownfields Resources Infographic

Fair Labor Standards Clause HUD Form 4010

HOME Policies and Procedures

Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Inspection Procedures

Making Davis Bacon Work

Part 5 – Calculating Income

Section 3

Subordination Agreement Request Procedures

Summary of CO State Statutes Impacting Landlords and Renters 

Helpful Links

Basically CDBG  

Building HOME Webinar Series: A HOME Program Training Manual and Slides 

CDBG Guidebook 


CHFA tables

Colorado Secretary of State, Business Database 

Contractor’s Guide to Davis Bacon

DUNs Number 

Fair Market Rents 

HOME Rent and Income Limits after 6.6.16

HOME and HTF Homeownership Value Limits

HOME Webinar: HOME Rental Compliance
Part 1 
Part 2 

HUD Exchange

Making Davis Bacon Work
URA – HUD’s URA the HUD Way Training

URA – Handbook 1378