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Mobile Home Park Oversight Program Updates - December, 2020

Mobile Home Park Oversight Program Updates - December, 2019

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Laws & Policies

House Bill 20-1196: Mobile Home Park Act Updates (effective 6/30/2020)

House Bill 20-1201: Mobile Home Park Residents Opportunity To Purchase (effective 6/30/2020)

Mobile Home Park Act and Program (updated 6/25/2020) / Ley y programa de parques de casas móviles (actualizado el 30 de junio de 2020)

Final Administrative Rules (effective 11/30/2020) / Reglas Administrativas (Efectiva el 30 de noviembre de 2020)

House Bill 19-1309 / Proyecto de ley 19-1309

2018 Manufactured Housing Sunrise Review / Revisión de Sunrise de 2018

High Level Process Steps in the Dispute Resolution &, Enforcement Program / Programa de resolución y ejecución de disputas

Home Owner Notice / Aviso Al Propietario

Home Owner Notice (English, 2021) (audio) / Aviso Al Propietario (Spanish, 2021) (audio)

Fact Sheets

Guidance on Renewing Leases / Guía de renovación de arrendamiento

Retaliation Fact Sheet / Hoja Informativa Sobre Represalias

Registration & Complaint Database

Use the Park Search tool to look up registration information for, and any complaints involving, mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities in Colorado.

PARKS WITH RECENTLY EXPIRED REGISTRATIONS MAY HAVE A PENDING 2021 REGISTRATION ON FILE.  The Division is currently processing a large volume of 2021 registration renewals.  We are working to update our public database to reflect registrations in pending status.

  • Registrations: Only mobile home parks with approved registrations will appear in the search results.  If you cannot find an existing park in the database, please contact or 1-833-924-1147.
  • Complaints: Only complaints that are closed will appear in the search results (ex. complaints that are dismissed, resolved, or under enforcement).  Information on open complaints is not available during the investigation and dispute resolution process.
Number of Lots and Homes by Registered Park

Mobile Home Park Sale Requirements

Effective June 30, 2020, the Colorado General Assembly added Section 38-12-217 to the Mobile Home Park Act.  In general terms, section 38-12-217 requires mobile home park owners intending to sell their mobile home park to:

  1. Give notice to all tenant home owners and the municipality or county where the park is located of the park owner's intent to sell the park;
  2. Give notice to each tenant home owner, any homeowners association, the municipality or county where the park is located, and the Colorado Division of Housing (Division) within 14 days after the landlord lists the park for sale. Pursuant to 8 CCR 1302-15, Rule 8.1, a park is considered listed for sale when the landlord or their agent offers the property for sale (not, for example, when a brokerage agreement is signed);
  3. Give notice to each tenant home owner, any homeowners association, the municipality or county where the park is located, and the Colorado Division of Housing (Division) within 14 days after the landlord intends to make a final, unconditional acceptance of an offer for the sale or transfer of the park;
  4. Give tenant home owners a 90-day opportunity to to make an offer to purchase a park after each notice;
  5. Negotiate in good faith with any group or association of home owners or their assignees who submits an offer to buy the park; and
  6. If a group or association of home owners are not the successful purchaser of the park, submit the Affidavit of Compliance (linked below) to the Division and the municipality or county where the park is located, to demonstrate the landlord’s compliance with the requirements in section 38-12-217.

A landlord is not required to provide advance notice of their intent to sell a park or extend an opportunity to purchase to a group or association of home owners if the sale, transfer, or conveyance of the mobile home park is to certain related family members or business entities described in section 38-12-217(12), C.R.S. Landlord’s who are selling or transferring their park under an exemption to section 38-12-217, C.R.S., are required to update the park’s ownership and contact information for registration with the Division within 30 calendar days of the sale pursuant to 8 CCR 1302-15, Rule 2.6

Instructions for landlords who will be selling/have recently sold a mobile home park: Download and complete the appropriate form below and email it to, or mail the form to the address below, within thirty (30) calendar days.

Affidavit of Compliance for NON-EXEMPT Mobile Home Park

> Information Form for EXEMPT Mobile Home Park Sales/Transfers

Mobile Home Park Oversight Program
Colorado Division of Housing
1313 Sherman St. #320
Denver, CO 80203

List of Parks For Sale

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contact the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program at: (preferred) or 1-833-924-1147 (toll free) 

Additional Resources

Legal support for home owners and tenants:

"Know Your Rights" information or advocacy to change the law:

Home owners and tenants:


The Division of Housing is unable to provide translation services for mobile home park leases or community rules. Visit the following links to find legal clinics that provide free or low-cost legal services in Spanish or other languages and may be able to help with translation and review of leases: