Mobile Home Park Complaints


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The Mobile Home Park Oversight Program accepts complaints from:

  • Mobile/manufactured home owners;
  • Individuals on rent-to-own or lease-to-own agreements for mobile/manufactured homes;
  • Home Owners’ Associations;
  • Mobile home park owners; and
  • Mobile home park managers.

This complaint process is not anonymous. However, landlords may not take any retaliatory action(s) – threats, acts of harassment, or acts of harm or injury – against mobile home owners for exercising their legal rights. A landlord may be fined up to $10,000 if the Program determines they retaliated against a home owner.

After you submit a complaint online or by mail, the Program will send you an email or letter to let you know we have received your complaint.  The Program is receiving a large number of complaints, and we appreciate your patience as we review complaints and prioritize issues in need of immediate attention.

Important Note on Evictions 

The Division cannot stop or grant a court-ordered eviction.  If you are a mobile home owner facing eviction, in addition to making a complaint with the Program, we strongly recommend you contact an outside attorney to help you with the court process.

If you receive a Summons and Complaint telling you when you have to appear in court, you should go to court and let the court know that you have made a complaint with the state’s Mobile Home Park Oversight Program. If you do not appear in court, you will lose the case by “default” and the Program will not be able to reverse this judgment.

- The Colorado Judicial Branch provides information and forms on mobile home evictions.

- For assistance understanding and completing these forms, you can visit a Court Self Help Center.

- For information on how to request low-cost legal help with your case, visit Legal and Rent Assistance Resources for Tenants.

Information for Renters

If you rent a mobile/manufactured home from another individual, you can ask the home owner to make a complaint against the landlord on your behalf. If you rent a mobile home from the landlord, you are not eligible to make a complaint through the Program, but you do have rights and responsibilities under Colorado’s landlord/tenant laws. To learn more, visit Colorado Housing Connects at or call 1-844-926-6632 to speak to a Housing Navigator.

Before making a complaint, please review the documents below

MHPOP Overview Complaint Process
* October 28, 2020 - MHPOP Overview & Complaint Process Video (English / Spanish)

Complaint Process Overview

Retaliation Fact Sheet

Complaint Form Quick Tips

How to File a Complaint

Sending Large Media Files to MHPOP

Complaint Forms:

Online Complaint Form (preferred)

**The online Complaint Form is currently available in the latest version of the following browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox..

Paper Complaint Form

(Large Print version available here)

If using the paper form, print and mail the form with copies of any supporting documents (these will not be returned to you) to the address below.

CO Division of Housing
ATTN: MHPOP Complaints
1313 Sherman St. #320
Denver, CO 80203

 Need to contact the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program?