Exempt Property Report Online Filing

The deadline to file a 2021 Exempt Property Report is April 15, 2021.

  • While using this system, you will need to the Exempt Property Report(s) that we mailed to you. Your file number, report number, and PIN are listed in the upper right corner of each Exempt Property Report.We have allocated one PIN number to each file number.
  • If you are required to pay a filing fee, you will be prompted to pay online using either eCheck or a credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa). You will also be required to pay a small processing fee. If you pay by eCheck, the processing fee is $1.00 per transaction. If you pay by credit card, the processing fee is $0.75 per transaction plus approximately 2.25% of the total. For those with multiple reports, the system allows you to fill out all your reports before submitting them in a single transaction. The processing fee is discussed in more detail later.
  • Once you begin filling out your online report(s), you navigate through the system using the "Go" button and the dropdown list of options. The "Go" button is found in the action bar located above and below the content area. Clicking "Go" will automatically save your work as you move to the next page. You may also use the dropdown menu to go back to the previous screen or go to the summary of properties page. If there is no activity for one hour, the system will shut down but the work you have entered on previous pages will be saved.
  • You may "cut and paste" information into the forms. We have tried to provide ample space for your responses but field size is limited.

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