Colorado Resiliency Office


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The Department of Local Affairs' Colorado Resiliency Office (CRO) supports and helps empower Colorado communities in building stronger, safer and more resilient in the face of natural disasters and other major challenges. The CRO coordinates overarching recovery and resiliency activities by collaborating with numerous multi-disciplinary local, state, federal, and private partners in setting priorities, leveraging resources, communicating transparently and delivering measurable results to shape an adaptable and vibrant future.


CRO Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is a resource for our partners and Colorado communities to stay informed about state and local resiliency efforts, as well as the latest resiliency trends and resources from around the country.



Staff Contact Information:

Anne Miller, Colorado Resiliency Office Director



Marguerite Harden, Local Resiliency Manager



Kate Guibert, Rural Prosperity Manager



Shayle Sabo, Resiliency Program Manager