Watershed Resilience

As communities work to recover from disaster and look ahead to the future, building toward resilient watersheds means helping natural systems better handle or recover more quickly from future rain and flooding events. These projects, prioritized by multi-jurisdiction coalitions-of-partners, take a watershed-wide view of restoration and resilience. Program funds support staff for watershed coalitions and resilient implementation projects.


Watershed Resilience Programs

  • Watershed Resilience Pilot Program
    The Watershed Resilience Pilot Program is a holistic program designed to align watershed restoration and risk mitigation with community and economic development goals using a collaborative, multi jurisdictional, coalition‐of‐partners approach.
  • Privately Owned and Non-Profit Ditch Company Grants
    The Ditch Program provides assistance to private and non-profit ditch companies, as well as watershed coalitions, to implement repairs and resilience measures as a result of disasters in 2012-2013.