Rural Community Initiative

The Rural Community Intiative provides financial assistance, technical support and strategic advice as communities plan for or face challenges in changing economies statewide. This new support system is being created to continue the Rural Response, Recovery and Resilience (4R) program into the future.  4R was a focused pilot collaboration of State agencies to provide targeted and immediate support for rural communities who are experiencing severe economic disruptions due to a loss of core industries, such as coal production or large industry closures.

Multiple Agencies including CEO, OEDIT, DNR, CDLE, CSU in collaboration with other State agencies work in tandem to bring high level expertise to facilitate the quick distribution of services and technical assistance to distressed communities. By streamlining the process of working with several State agencies at one time, communities are able to obtain services and technical assistance to recover more quickly. Bringing together resources such as Rural Jumpstart, Rural Economic Development Initiative grants, Opportunity Zones, Rural Economic Assistance to Colorado Towns (REACT) etc, this collaboration continues to provide creative and strategic approaches as communities stabilize and thrive into the future.

Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is responsible for the overall coordination and tracking between agencies and communities, engages in and/or facilitates strategic planning and resilience solutions, and, where appropriate, provides funding for projects to implement the plans and studies.


Program Contact

Kate Guibert (Busse)
(720) 822.7803