Residential Assessment Rate

Until 1982, the assessment rate for both residential and non-residential property was 30 percent. However, beginning in the early 1970’s, the market values of residential property increased much faster than values of non-residential property, shifting a greater percentage of the tax burden to residential property owners. In 1982, § 3(1)(b), art. X, COLO. CONST., was enacted to stabilize the tax burden on residential property. The amendment established a floating assessment rate for residential property while fixing the assessment rate for most other classes at 29 percent.

The residential assessment rate is adjusted during years of reappraisal to maintain a consistent ratio between the total statewide assessed values of residential and non-residential property. The Property Tax Administrator is responsible for performing the residential assessment rate study, § 39-1-104.2(4), C.R.S. The General Assembly adjusts the residential assessment rate based on the findings of the study conducted by the Property Tax Administrator. This page contains both the preliminary and final reports that were submitted to the legislature.


2019-2020 Residential Assessment Rate Study