Emergency Rental Assistance

Paying rent

If you or your tenants have been unable to pay rent due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19, you may be eligible for rental assistance from the state.


This is for landlords and property owners applying for assistance on behalf of multiple tenants only. To qualify for this program:

  • Your tenants complete applications stating that they were  unable to pay rent because they experienced financial need due to COVID-19.
  • The rent for the unit for which assistance is requested is set at or below the POP maximum rent listed below. All reasonable mobile home lot rents qualify. 
  • The rental unit or mobile home park meet basic health and safety requirements. Self certification is required.
  • Your property is not in foreclosure (if it is, a receivership has been established by the courts) and your state and local real estate taxes have been paid.
  • You agree to all program requirements and provide the proper documentation. Full program guidelines can be found below. 
Properties with just a few residents delinquent on rent may consider referring those residents to the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP).  

POP program documents:

Program Guidelines
Housing Quality Standards Certification
Mobile Home Park Quality Standard Certification
POP Maximum Rents
W-9 Form 
W-9 Instructions
HAP Agreement
Application for POP Program Tenants (English/Spanish)

(If you are an individual looking for rental or mortgage assistance please call 211 or visit www.211Colorado.org to find out how to apply).



To Qualify for the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP):

  • You were unable to pay your rent or mobile home lot rent because you experienced financial need due to COVID-19.
  • Your household monthly income is at or below the maximum income listed here
  • You have not already received rental assistance that covered your rent. 
  • You complete the application for assistance and provide all of the needed documentation.  
  • Other qualifications and documentation required will be explained by the agency you work with to access the funds.
  • EHAP can also be used for mortgage assistance for qualifying homeowners.

EHAP Complete Program Guidelines

You must go through a local agency. The agency will help you with the application.

Dial 211 or visit www.211colorado.org to find the agency that can connect you to rental or mortgage assistance.


For questions about the program: DOLA_POP@state.co.us

To report potential fraud or concerns: DOLA_POPFraud@state.co.us