Renewable and Clean Energy Challenge

Funding Available: $12,000,000

The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is launching a catalytic Renewable/Clean Energy Challenge grant program, to spark efforts in reaching Colorado’s 2040 100% renewable energy goal.

$2 million has been set aside for planning efforts, the remaining $10 million will be allocated for implementation. Projects funded by this initiative should achieve renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation efforts, support innovations in renewable energy, achieve multiple objectives and/or serve those with the greatest need, develop plans, studies, and policies that further long-term, large-scale renewable energy generation and energy conservation. Projects considered will be those that respond to needs and opportunities identified by the local government.

Eligible Entities:
Municipalities, counties, school districts, special districts and other political subdivisions.

Grants will be accepted for planning and implementation projects. Notice of Funds Available will open July 1, 2019 and close August 1, 2019. Funding decisions for planning grants will be made in November 2019, letters of inquiry for implementation projects will be due September 3, 2019. Invited applicants will submit applications by December 2, 2019, and funding decisions will be made in March 2020.

Planning activities may be undertaken by individual local governments, multijurisdictional collaboration, or on a regional basis to identify opportunities, infrastructure needs, and to identify potential partnerships among public and private entities to achieve this renewable energy goal. Local governments applying for planning grants must contribute a minimum of 25% match. Request amount will be limited to the Tier I cap of $200,000.

DOLA will support efforts by local governments to implement demonstration projects that will move recipient communities towards 100% renewable energy by 2040. In an effort to make the most impact with these dollars, an emphasis will be placed on funding large scale demonstration projects statewide that will serve as models for future projects throughout the state. There will be no cap on the amount of funds an applicant can request. As with other capital construction projects, applicants are required to match grant funds on a dollar-for-dollar basis. In cases where the applicant’s financial condition does not permit a 50/50 match, a minimum match of 25% is required.

***Review the following documents before applying***:

Renewable Policies

Renewables Fact Sheet

Renewables Timeline &, Rating Criteria:

Renewables Initiative Rating Criteria

Renewables Initiative Timeline


Renewable and Clean Energy Challenge Planning Grant Award

Letters of Interest

Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Local Government
Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.