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DOLA collaborates with researchers, economists and the housing industry to compile data vital to understanding Colorado’s housing climate. This data helps communities plan for and address affordable housing conditions and needs.

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Draft 2022 CAPER for Public Comment

Draft 2023 Annual Action Plan

Draft 2021 CAPER for Public Comment
2022 Annual Action Plan
Housing Stakeholder Engagement Report / Participación de las partes Interesadas
State of Colorado HOME-ARP Allocation Plan
Draft 2020 CAPER for Public Comment 
Draft 2021 Annual Action Plan for Public Comment
Draft 2019 CAPER for Public Comment
2019 Action Plan Amendment: Outline of ESG-CV Funding
Consolidated Plan 2020-2024 Draft for Public Comment
Draft 2019 Annual Action Plan as Substantially Amended 7-7-21
State of Colorado Pandemic Relief Citizen Participation Plan as Amended 7-8-2021
2020-2025 Analysis of Impediments for Public Comment
2019 Stakeholder Engagement Report
2015-2019 State of Colorado Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
2019 Permanent Supportive Housing Program Public Notice of Awards
Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Plan
2015-2020 Citizen Participation Plan
2019 Affordable Housing Guide for Local Officials
Housing Assessment Tool

PIH: Voucher Plan
CPD: Consolidated Plan
CPD: Action Plan
CPD: Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)
2017 HTF Allocation Plan (subsequent HTF Allocation Plans are included in the Annual Action Plans)

Colorado Housing Reports

Foreclosure Reports by County- Foreclosure information is provided at the county level and is updated quarterly for all counties.

Vacancy and Rent Studies- These studies include detailed rent and vacancy information on rental housing in Colorado. Information is updated quarterly.


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