Office of Regulatory Oversight

The Office of Regulatory Oversight (ORO) oversees the regulatory functions of the Division of Housing. Specifically, state laws and rules governing the:

1.      Construction of factory-built structures (residential and nonresidential);  
2.      Sale and installation of manufactured homes;  
3.      Site built construction of hotels, motels, and multi-family units in those areas of the state where no local building department exists; 
4.      Standards for accessible housing; and   
5.      Mobile home parks.   

ORO is comprised of two parts: the Building Codes & Standards Section and the Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution & Enforcement Program.

Building Codes & Standards Section regulates the areas covered under #s 1-4.  

Mobile Home Park Oversight Program regulates mobile home parks.

Regulation occurs in partnership with local governments, the federal government, other state agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector.