Office of Regulatory Oversight

Different kinds of homes and buildings

The Office of Regulatory Oversight (ORO) oversees the regulatory functions of the Division of Housing. Specifically, state laws and rules governing the:

1.      Construction of factory-built structures (residential and nonresidential);  
2.      Sale and installation of manufactured homes;  
3.      Site built construction of hotels, motels, and multi-family units in those areas of the state where no local building department exists; 
4.      Standards for accessible housing; and   
5.      Mobile home parks.   

ORO is comprised of two parts: the Building Codes & Standards Section and the Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution & Enforcement Program.

Building Codes & Standards Section regulates the areas covered under #s 1-4.  

Mobile Home Park Oversight Program regulates mobile home parks.

Regulation occurs in partnership with local governments, the federal government, other state agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector.