Money Follows the Person

"Money Follows the Person" is a federal grant program that allows Medicaid funding to follow a person from an institutional setting to housing in the community., According to data from 2008 -2009, 68 percent of Colorado’s residents in nursing homes had a desire to return to the community and receive long-term care. This funding gives Colorado the opportunity, to identify these residents and, if appropriate, help them transition to the community with long-term care services and supports.

A secondary goal, is to build and improve the infrastructure supporting home and community-based services for people of all ages with long-term care needs. Colorado Access to Community-Based Transitions & Services (CO-ACTS) is Colorado’s MFP initiative. While Colorado has a robust home and community-based services infrastructure, additional funding will improve access to these services, make the system easier to navigate, and support transitions from facility-based care to community-based care. COACTS will directly support nursing facilities in the implementation of the October 1, 2010 requirement to assist residents in exploring their long-term care choices., The Division of Housing will work directly with MFP project and related Department of Health Care Policy and Financing staff to increase housing opportunities for people of all abilities, including those transitioning to community living under the MFP program.

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