Main Street Toolkits

Colorado Downtown Streets

Great streets are more than infrastructure: they are the fundamental building blocks of successful communities. This publication and accompanying materials are designed to help local leaders, community members, and technical professionals work together to transform their streets into safe, accessible, and vibrant places. Download the toolkit and learn more below.

Board of Directors

Informed, engaged and empowered leadership at the local level is key to downtown revitalization success. This snapshot document and complementary training presentation and videos answer the most pressing questions about board of directors function and boil down the critical management strategies so you can quickly absorb the most relevant points and get back to making great communities.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer are often the ‘doers’ downtown – they plant flowers, pour drinks at events, serve on boards and committees, paint facades – the list goes on. This toolkit aims to make engaging this critical resource efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Each of the ten modules contains a short video as well as template forms, spreadsheets, position descriptions, and more.

Community Building and Partnerships

Partnerships and relationships with people and organizations working to improve your community can make or break Main Street efforts. A condensed reference guide will lead you through the ten-step process from understanding your program to saying thank you, and several more focused, in-depth appendices containing examples, assessments, plans and more can take you to the next level.

Key Messages and Communications

You know the importance of downtown revitalization, and the value and impact of your work in the community, however, it can be difficult to translate that into a concise and compelling ‘story’ to tell others. This suite of tools includes brochures, checklists, rack cards and more to help communities already in the program tell their Main Street story, and those interested in the program understand the many ways it can help bolster their downtown revitalization efforts.