COVID-19 Relief for Local Governments

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Ensuring resilient futures for Colorado communities will take unprecedented strategic, coordinated action. The Division of Local Government (DLG) is singularly focused on coordinating the state’s programs to leverage federal, nonprofit, and philanthropic resources, removing all unnecessary regulatory hurdles to funding, and offering one-stop-shop direction to available resources for local governments and their business communities, nonprofit partners, and residents. Specifically within the division’s programs, to support Colorado and a strong transition from the COVID-19 emergency to recovery, we have developed a relief package to:

  • Provide deeper and more immediate access to financial assistance for relief and recovery 
  • Give advice and information on continuity of operations concerns for local governments
  • Reduce administrative burdens with all programs      
Quick Links to Key Resources:

The Division’s Colorado Resiliency Office (CRO) is the statewide lead on long-term recovery. CRO serves as a clearinghouse to help communities navigate resources to support long-term recovery.  The Office is available to work with partners to hold regional workshops for strategic action planning to support the development of resiliency and recovery roadmaps

Still Have Questions? 

In partnership with the Governor's Office, the Division is managing a Local Government Coordination Call every other week with State department leaders to answer questions on timely emergency response and recovery issues. To join these calls, register here

If you can not participate in the calls, submit your questions by using this form.  Find answers to all questions from the calls and the form in the question/answer log.