Homelessness Resources

Persons experiencing homelessness may be at risk for infection during an outbreak of COVID-19. This interim guidance is intended to support response planning by homeless service providers, including overnight emergency shelters, day shelters, and meal service providers serving people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness throughout Colorado.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Initial Message to Homeless Assistance Providers (PDF)


SEOC State Homeless Task Force

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) stood up a State Homeless Task Force led by the Department of Local Affairs’ Division of Housing and the Colorado Department of Human Services. 

This group is composed of state and local partners and the purpose is to determine needs and gaps within the state and fill those with local, state, or federal resources. 

This task force is a coordination group working with local communities to support our neighbors without housing during this time. We are doing this is three main ways:

1)    Information and Guidance

  • The State Homeless Task Force is sharing CDC, HUD, and other guidance, as well as creating guidance specifically tailored to the unique needs and landscape of Colorado.
  •  DOLA DOH developed this Housing and COVID-19 webpage to share updated guidance and resources specific to homelessness and housing.

2)    Resources

  • The state is working with current grantees and contractors to modify and be flexible with existing funds where ever possible. 
  • The SEOC is working with local communities regarding requests for additional resources from FEMA, the various CARES Act funds, and the state for emergency needs for people without housing, including non-congregate sheltering. 
  • In addition, the state is continuously working to identify other resources within the state and in partnership with philanthropy, businesses, and individuals to assist homeless services agencies, their staff and the people they are serving. 

3)    Coordination and Technical Assistance

  •  In addition to information and guidance sharing, SEOC is helping local communities to coordinate the necessary stakeholders at the local level and with the state. 
  • In addition to the Homeless Task Force, the state has recently created a related working group regarding public health and homelessness specifically for the COVID-19 response. In addition, the state has a mass care and sheltering working group. Each group coordinates problem solving for local communities with state assistance. 

Meeting Minutes Archive

SEOC Homeless Task Force members

Colorado Department of Local Affairs: 

Kristin Toombs, Director, Office of Homeless Initiatives, Division of Housing 

Natriece Bryant, Deputy Executive Director

Ian Fletcher, Temporary Contractor for COVID-19 Response assistance

James Martino, Program Manager

Colorado Department of Human Services:

Charlotte Olsen, Emergency Manager

Kristina (Tina) McGowan, Emergency Preparedness and Communications Specialist

Erin Hayes, Program Assistant

Sarah Lipscomb, Director of Operations, Community Partnerships

Anne-Marie Braga, Deputy Executive Director, Community Partnerships

Chelsey Hall, Two Generation Manager

Maria Watters, Project Coordinator

Nicole Miera, County and Tribal Liaison

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment:

Aimee Voth Siebert, Behavioral Health and Inclusion Worklead

Lynn Garst, Pediatric Disaster Coordinator

Alex Barba, Director, Colorado Outbreak Response Coordination Center

Andres Guerrero, Manager, Overdose Prevention Unit

Maren Moorehead, Interim Deputy Lab Director

Nicole Comstock, Communicable Disease Deputy Branch Chief

Colorado Department of Education:

Kerry Wrenick, State Coordinator for Education of Homeless Children & Youth

Dana Scott, Director, Office of Student Support

Colorado Department of Higher Education:

Nakia Collins

Colorado Department of Correction:

Annie Skinner, Public Information Officer

Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration:

Tobin Follenweider, Deputy Executive Director


Grace Marx, CDC Medical Officer supporting CDPHE’s COVID-19 Response 


Elizabeth (Liz) Di Paolo, Mass Care Lead

April Lipinski, Individual Assistance, Mass Care Specialist

Homeless Services/Housing Providers:

Cathy Alderman, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Kristen Baluyot, Salvation Army

Christina Carlson, Urban Peak

Kathleen Van Voorhis, Interfaith Alliance Colorado

Lindsay Christopher, Violence Free Colorado

Ian Anderson, Salvation Army

Mark Kling, Family Resource Centers

Continuum of Care Regions:

Jennifer Mariano, Pikes Peak CoC

Matt Meyer, Executive Director, MDHI

Local Partners/Stakeholders:

Mellanee Montgomery, Summit County

Julie Patino, Denver Foundation

Joanne Sprouse, Human Services, Summit County

Gretchen Hammer, Public Leadership Consultant

City and County of Denver:

Britta Fisher, Executive Director of Housing Stability, Chief Housing Officer

Jennifer (Jenny) Loth Hill, DDPHE

Danica Lee, DDPHE

Gary Freeman, Emergency Management Specialist


State Resources

Recommended Local Strategic Approaches for COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Homeless Task Force Form

Local Emergency Manager Contact Information

> Non-Congregate Sheltering

Funding Framework Matrix & Worksheet

> Homelessness and Testing

DOH Funding Matrix (7.10.2020)

National & Federal Guidance

> CDC Guidance for Homeless Service Providers

CSH Supportive Housing Resources

Eligible ESG Program Costs for Infectious Disease Preparedness (PDF)

Using Continuum of Care (CoC) Funds for Infectious Disease and Preparedness Response (PDF)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Interim Guidance for Homeless Shelters

CDC Guidance: Responding to COVID-19 among People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness

 HUD COVID-19 Prevention and Response for Homeless Providers: Daily Resource Digest

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program

United States Interagency Council on Homelessness COVID-19 Guidance

National Alliance to End Homelessness Framework for COVID-19 Homelessness Response

NAEH Framework for COVID-19 Homelessness Response

Informative Webinars

SEOC Severe Weather Shelter Webinar
   * Meeting chat

Vaccination & Tips for Shelter and Outreach Spaces
   * Meeting chat

> COVID-19 Vaccine Education for PEH
    * Meeting chat

> Inflow & Cold Weather Sheltering
    *Presentation (PDF)
    * Meeting minutes

> ESG-CV2 Stakeholder Feedback
    *Presentation (PDF)

Rehousing Webinar
   *Presentation (PDF)
    * Meeting minutes

> State's Annual Action Plan Amendment & Office Hours
   *Presentation (PDF)
    * Meeting minutes

Testing Guidance (video)
    *Presentation (PDF)
     * Meeting minutes

Framework for COVID-19 Homelessness Response (video)
   *Presentation (PDF)
    * Meeting minutes

> Public Health Coordination and Supports (video)
  *Chat transcript
  *Presentation (PDF)
   * Meeting Minutes

Emergency Assistance Funding and CARES Act (video)
  *Chat transcript
  *Presentation (PDF)
   * Meeting Minutes

FEMA Public Assistance and Non-Congregate Shelters Webinar (video)
   *Chat transcript
   *Presentation (PDF)

Unsheltered Homelessness, Encampments, and Outreach Webinar (video)
   *Presentation (PDF)
      * Meeting Minutes

DOH COVID-19 and Homelessness Webinar (video)
   *Chat transcript
   *Presentation (PDF)
    * Meeting Minutes

> State Homelessness and COVID-19 Webinar
  * Meeting Minutes

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