For Households - Application Requirements Checklist

Supporting Document Checklist

Homeowner –
Housing Repairs

Home Purchase –
Down Payment
Temporary Rental
Warranty Deed X    
Proof of Mortgage (Promissory Note) X    
Hazard or Homeowner Insurance Policy “Declarations Page” X    
Property Tax – Receipt of Current Payment X    
Title or Tax Certificate (Mobile Home Owners) X    
Employment Income Documentation past 3-12 months X X X
Unemployment Verification X X X
Retirement/Pension Income Verification X X X
SSI/SSDI/OAP Verification X X X
VA Benefits Verification X X X
Workman’s Compensation Verification X X X
Child Support or Alimony Income Verification X X X
Previous Year’s Income Tax Return X X X
Documentation of all Other Sources of Income X X X
Bank Statements for Past Six (6) Months or Verification of Six Months\' Account Balance Average X X X
Purchase Contract or Purchase Offer   X  
Driver’s License or Gov’t ID for all Household Adults X X X
Social Security Card for all Household Members X X X
Signed Affidavit of Legal Residency (if applying to receive funds from a government agency) X X X
Birth Certificates for all Minor Children in Household X X X
Current Utility Bill with Account-holder Name/Address X    
Current Lease Agreement (Renter or Mobile Home Owner)     X
Appraisal or Current Value Assessment X    
Rehabilitation Cost Estimates X    
FEMA Award or Denial Letter X X X
SBA Award or Denial Letter X X X
Award or Denial Letter from any other Flood Disaster Agency X X X
Authorization of Legal Consent for Release of Information X X X
Completed Application for Housing Repair Program X    
Completed Application for Down Payment Assistance   X  
Completed Application for Temporary Rental Assistance     X
Completed Voluntary Demographics Survey X X X

For more information, please contact Alison O’Kelly at 303.864.7821 or by email at