Homeless Solutions Program - Request for Application (RFA) for Land Acquisition

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), through its Division of Housing (DOH), is requesting applications for HSP funding for land acquisition for the future development of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) projects. PSH is a proven, effective means of stabilizing the lives of homeless and vulnerable families and individuals and helping them become more self-sufficient.,

HSP is a state-funded program targeted towards increasing housing for Coloradans experiencing homelessness through the acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of housing, and/or use of rental assistance for PSH projects. HSP is prioritized to serve people with special needs who are experiencing homelessness or who are unstably housed, and who often have behavioral health needs, and who are frequent or high-cost consumers of various public systems, such as the justice, behavioral health, or the foster care systems, and particularly State of Colorado prisons and mental health institutions. HSP aims to end cycles of homelessness, hospitalization, and incarceration by connecting people to affordable, supportive housing.,

This RFA supports the HSP mission by offering funding for the acquisition of land that will be used to develop new PSH rental projects benefitting,vulnerable Coloradans.


RFA Documents