Economy & Business Funding Sources


The Division of Local Government (DLG) created this resource to help local governments navigate the funding sources available through a variety of Federal and State programs. Sources are broken out by category below.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an exhaustive list and will be updated frequently as new information is available.


Funding Sources

Program Agency Type Eligibility Deadline
Colorado Start-Up Loan Fund OEDIT Funding Opportunity  Small Businesses Applications start Summer 2022
Tourism Recovery Marketing Grant  OEDIT Grants Cities and other political subdivisions of the State, nonprofits, economic development district organizations, and Indian tribes August 1, 2022
Equity Impact Investments Program US EDA Grants and Technical Assistance Nonprofits, Counties, Public and State-Controlled Higher Education Institutions, Tribes, State Governments, Cities & Towns August 5, 2022
Economic Recovery Corps US EDA Grants and Technical Assistance District Organizations, Tribes, States, Counties, Cities, Higher Education Institutions, Public or Private nonprofits August 5, 2022
Employee Ownership Grant OEDIT Grants Individuals (Research Institutions) August 5, 2022
Advanced Industries Proof of Concept Grant OEDIT Grants Individuals (Research Institutions)

September 1, 2022

Advanced Industries Early-Stage Capital & Retention Grant OEDIT Grants Individuals (Research Institutions) September 1, 2022
Advanced Industries Export Grant OEDIT Grants Individuals (Research Institutions) September 1, 2022 or when funds are exhausted
Rural Tourism Entrepreneurship Scholarship OEDIT Scholarships Start-up entrepreneurs or current business owners working in tourism industry in rural Colorado Rolling
Business Foundations Technical Assistance Program OEDIT Technical Assistance
Individuals (Small Business)  
Cannabis Business Office Technical Assistance  OEDIT Technical Assistance Individuals (Small Business) Rolling
Comprehensive List of Programs and Funding available through Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade OEDIT Various Local Governments, Businesses, Nonprofits, Developers  
COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) SBA Loan Individuals (Small business owners and qualified agricultural businesses with 500 or fewer employees)  
Small Business Administration (SBA) Shuttered Venue Operators (SVO) Grant program SBA Grants Individuals (Small Business Owners)  
SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund SBA Grants Individuals (Small Business Owners, specifically restaurants)  
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program USDA Grants & Loans Non-profits, Federally recognized tribes, Institutions of higher ed  
Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant Program USDA Grants Local Utilities pass through to small businesses  
CDA Agriculture Loan Fund CDA Loans Individuals (Small agriculture businesses)  
OEDIT Loans & Loan Guarantees Individuals (Local Businesses)  
OEDIT Strategic Fund OEDIT Cash Incentive Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Early-Stage Capital OEDIT Grant Individuals (Small Businesses)  
OEDIT Advanced Industries Grant Program OEDIT Grant Individuals (Research Institutions)  
CLIMBER (Colorado Loans to Increase Mainstreet Business Economic Recovery) Loan Fund Public / Private Partnership Loans Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority CCS / CCS+ Credit Enhancements CHFA Credit Enhancement Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Just Transition / Rural Economic Diversification CDLE Grant Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Energize Colorado GAP Fund CHFA      
Rural Jump Start Zone Grant Program (SB21-229) OEDIT Grant Counties, municipalities, higher education  
Meetings and Events Initiative OEDIT Cash Incentive Individuals (Small Businesses, event planners and hosts)  
Colorado Revolving Loan Fund Public / Private Partnership Loans Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Restart Industry Associations Program OEDIT Grants Nonprofit (tourism business sector trade association)  
Cannabis Business Office OEDIT Technical Assistance Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Employee Ownership Trial Grant OEDIT Grants Individuals (Small Businesses)  
Small Business Development Center Network Public / Private Partnership Technical Assistance Individuals (Small Businesses)