Fort Lyon & COVID-19

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Here is what's taking place at Fort Lyon during the outbreak:
Response to COVID-19

Bent County COVID-19 Response

Bent County Public Health Guidance for COVID-19

Call for Volunteers in Lower Arkansas Valley

Fort Lyon COVID-19 Employee Protocol

Life with COVID-19

COVID 19 Defense

The residents at Fort Lyon are taking a proactive role in protecting the campus and surrounding communities from COVID 19.  There is a team of residents that sanitize surfaces twice a day at the campus.  They treat doorknobs, handrails, light switches and other areas touched by many people.  Each resident has their own spray bottle filled with disinfectant for their room as well.  Taking precautions such as social distancing is also respected throughout the Fort Lyon community.  The residents are taking to heart the steps that can help protect the community!

The Fort Lyon staff are also stepping up. They are providing meals to individual rooms to avoid congregations of people and working to adjust activities so that residents can still work toward their recovery while maintaining social distance. Bent County staff are adding 24/7 gate monitors to make sure those coming and going from the campus are not symptomatic. Thanks to all the Fort Lyon staff for this hard work! 

As we all know, COVID 19 has become the topic of everyone’s conversation.  It is no different at Fort Lyon.  The residents have banded together by participating in newly created modules in response to COVID 19.  At a campus as large as Fort Lyon, there are a lot of doorknobs and light switches to disinfect!  So many of the residents are taking their responsibilities to heart and going beyond the expectations of the module.  It’s so refreshing to witness how they work together to help protect the safety of their fellow residents and the staff.  It is also a difficult time for the residents with the stay at home directive by the Governor.  However, the residents are committed to doing what it takes to keep their neighbors as safe as possible.

Good News in the time of COVID-19

Arts In Society Grant - $25,000 to start an art therapy program at Forty Lyon in partnership with NAROPA university in Denver

Success Story

During a weekly Case Management Meeting, we celebrated resident Liz’s award into CU Boulder and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association as well as her 4.0 GPA in community college.

Liz being celebrated