Economic Recovery

Colorado business and property owners were hard hit by the 2013 flood, 2012 High Park and Waldo Canyon fires, the 2013 Black Forest and Royal Gorge fires and road closures resulting from these disasters. In the canyons, floodwaters washed away motels and cabins, restaurants and stores. In other places, retail and commercial establishments suffered extensive damage or revenue losses. Farther east, farmers lost their crops and oil wells were damaged or shut down. CDBG-DR economic recovery programs address these impacts.

Four Economic Recovery programs, the Recover Colorado Business Grant Program, Tourism Marketing Program, Technical Assistance for Small Business and Small Business Workforce and Development Program, are directed to help strengthen businesses and local economies and bolster their capacity to better withstand negative impacts in the future.

The Recover Colorado Workforce Development Training Grant has been canceled.Other State Workforce Development programs can be found at the Colorado Community College System website.


Economic Recovery Programs

  • Recover Colorado Business Grant Program
    The Recover Colorado Business Grant &, Loan program assists small business and non-profits (including special districts). Fifty percent of the funds allocated are for low-and-moderate incomes businesses and individuals.
  • Tourism Marketing Program
    The Tourism Marketing Grant Program will assist Non‐profit and quasi‐governmental entities in promoting tourism and visitor‐related jobs, job retention and/or economic impact in the Flood Designated Disaster Area as previously defined. These marketing promotional grant funds will be distributed to entities that have tourism and visitor related business communities in their jurisdictions that have suffered concentrated economic losses having a large impact on the local economy relative to the size of the community.