Defense Counsel First Appearance Grant Program

Program Purpose

The Defense Counsel First Appearance Grant Program launched with the purpose of reimbursing in whole or in part, costs associated with the provision of defense counsel to defendants at their first appearance in municipal courts as required under §13-10-114.5 C.R.S..

Effective July 1, 2018 under §13-10-114.5 C.R.S.:

  • At the time of first appearance on a municipal charge, if the defendant is in custody and the charged offense includes a possible sentence of incarceration, the court shall appoint counsel to represent the defendant for purposes of the initial appearance unless, after a full advisement pursuant to C.M.C.R. 210 and §16-7-207 C.R.S., the defendant makes a knowing, intelligent, and voluntary waiver of his/her right to counsel.
  • If the defendant remains in custody, the appointment of counsel continues until the defendant is released from custody. If the defendant is released from custody, he/she may apply for court-appointed counsel, and the court shall appoint counsel if the court determines that the defendant is indigent and the charged offense includes a possible sentence of incarceration.


Program Eligibility

  • Colorado Municipal Courts



Program Reimbursement Applications

Program funding is currently available. Please apply and manage your grant below. For assistance, please contact the Program Manager.

All requests for reimbursement must:

  • Complete the application through the e-grants portal.
  • Provide supporting documentation of any and all expenses for provision of first appearance as required under §13-10-114.5 C.R.S. for the requested time.
  • If you had no eligible first appearances during this time, please provide a spreadsheet and supporting documentation for the most recent month with eligible first appearances.
  • Provide a spreadsheet of all eligible first appearances during the requested time.The spreadsheet and an example of how to count those appearances can be found here.
  • Confirmation that applicant has received approval from the Chief Elected Official or Principle Representative to seek reimbursement to include confirmation that the applicants have evaluated TABOR limitations and can accept these dollars.

*It is important that each application provide the total hours of provision of service along with the spreadsheet of actual appearances as the state is prepared to reimburse each hour for the provision of service related to first appearances at $75.00 per hour.

*Contracted DCFA applicants applying for additional funding must contact their Program Manager for information on how to apply for additional funding. 

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Funding Decisions

Program Contact

Shawn Marandi
Program Manager
(303) 864-8479